Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Texas...

 Mary and her mother Loretta came to visit on Thursday.  I had never met Loretta before although I have known Mary for years.  Mary, Marc and Susan lived next to each other in a duplex and then their parents  built houses next to each other so they were neighbors and like family for a long time.  
 This is the walker skirt I made Susan to cart her important items around with her from room to room..except a very large water container that I keep filled with ice and water and move for her.  She can keep a water bottle in the skirt for trips out, but for right now she cannot leave the house until the 14th of July.
 Cami, Mike and I were invited to Connie and Jay Jones" beautiful home not far from Susan's in Allen for dinner Sunday night.  Katie stayed with Susan so I could go.  We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed catching up since we hadn't seen each other for about 10 years.  One of their sons and his wife live in Cami and Mike's ward in Dallas, so it was nice for them to get to know each other better, too.
 Here is Mike and 3 friends who came last Sat. to help move the big stuff out of the old upstairs apt. and into the newer 2 bedroom apt.  They moved to the ground floor, too, which is nice.  I went back up on Thursday night and ate dinner with Mike and Cami and swam in the pool.  Ahhhhhhh.....felt so good!
 These are close friends of Susan's who have been bringing food over and visiting.   It has been really nice to meet them.
After Physical Therapy got started on Monday and Susan learned what exercises to do, the swelling of her knee and lower leg have gone down and she continues to walk better every day.  At this point she can even get things out of the refrig to warm up or to make a sandwich and can even carry the plate into her room while using the walker.  She has been icing her leg which helps the pain and can even sit up enough to beat me at 500 rummy and Phase 10 dice.  We even watched a movie on her computer by the bed tonight for the first time.  Every day she gets stronger and less dependent on me.  She's doing great!

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