Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random pics...

My older brother  Gordon John Bennett was a professional entertainer who died when Cami was born, but never to be forgotten.  He was loving, funny and very talented.  Dad would sit for hours listening to "Johnny" practice the organ.  We were all very proud of his accomplishments.
                                    Grandpa Gordon Whitney as a young man.
 Uncle Leonard, Susie, Aunt Laura, Beth and Lenny Aldrich.  Aunt Laura was my mother's adopted sister. We used to have some family gatherings on their farm when I was growing up and Mom and I would later take Nicki to visit.  One time in the fall Aunt Laura showed us her prized pumpkin she had grown.  It was 3 ft. wide and 3 ft. tall.  Amazing!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Marc's 58th birthday and family time.

Devon, Zoey and Connor.  The boys are sure glad to have their little Zoey back in NY and so is ZO!
 My sweet husband turned 58 on the 22nd.  It was a milestone for him since his father and grandfather both passed away at 57 because of heart problems.  We are going to keep him around for a long, long time to come!
 Zoey will come and get into her great grandpa's lap now without having to be bribed!!!  Ha!  She is growing up!

Family.....and sharing those special moments

I love it when the kids send us picture messages and we get to see what our cute grandchildren are up to.

And I love having the grandkids over to play.   Victoria and her grandpa down on the dock on Friday.
 Just up from her nap and out on the deck looking for Grandpa!
Jude is getting so big.   He's now 6 months old!

 These cute and crazy little girls in CA..........Parker and Dallas

 I was out Kayaking on Wed and Thursday afternoons.  It was beautiful and hot and smooth as glass.  I kayaked down to my sister's, a mile up the lake and back both days.  Glorious peek into what spring will be bringing to us soon.  We even put 7 of our 11 docks in on St. Patrick's day because it was so warm and the water so low.  A record day in NY all the way around!  Our lake house in the afternoon sun.

 While it was hot in NY it was very cold in Washington State for James, Ian and Curtis!
 Parker's new rolling backpack she got for her trips coming up this summer!   First to RI and then to NY.  Dally already has one she pulls all over the house!  So cute!

 The Leprechauns played a trick on Ian and James on St. Patty's Day.

 Jude was so cute on facetime this morning.  What a happy boy.

In the back yard at Dave and Kristines.........and at the neighborhood park.  Victoria loves the slide!

 Dallas ready to get up.  Hey mom........mom......come get me!
 At the airport leaving to go home from Ashley's in CA.  We were so sad to see these little guys go home!

 Connor really liked his Marines shirt we brought back to him from CA.

 Modeling her brand new dress.
 I love seeing what the family is doing from day to day since some of them are so far away and it helps keep us all a close knit family!  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Oldies

Susan & Marc in TX 
9th grade living at Jim Yeich's house in PA
I think Ash is in the basement of Joanna's house in NY.  High School
Utah - 1984 when Ashley was born.
Barbara - Marc's mother early in her marriage to Marc's dad.
Bob, Betty and John, Janette and Joe?
Celeste, Kathy and little brother David on his first birthday.
Grandma Whitney teaching school at Blue Ridge Elementary in New Milford, Pa.
Grandma Whitney when she was teaching School in Utah.
Grandma Whitney and Kathy - ME.  I was her closest family look alike!
Marc and his mom, Barbara O'Neal at Amy's wedding 02/02/02.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Remembering some more.....

Marc and Kathy at Grandma Whitney's house on their wedding day.  1971

Kathy holding Nicole, Michelle, Rob, Celeste holding Cherie, Dan and Anne in front.

 Devon....so cute in NH.

 Dedication of the Palmyra Temple with the Palmers.

 Wilson and Eva May (Nash) Alexander  Marc's great aunt on his mother's side.
 Monk and Janette in the early days of marriage!!!!!   They were just fooling around!
 My little brother David, Janette and I on Dad's motorcycle.
 This is a much younger Kathy in the Whitney yard in Jackson.

                                    Guess who?
 Cousins galore at a birthday party for Betty Bennett at the DeLarco house.
 Looks like a sleepover at our house with the DeLarco cousins, Cherie, Anne and Mike with Nicki.
 This reminds me of how Parker looks at Marc....adoring, happy to be in his arms.  He's a charmer!
 Mom, Celeste, Mike holding David, Me, little Amy, Corrisa and Nicki at or house in Ohio.
 Halloween in Ohio.
 On the rail at our house in NH looking mighty pretty.....Megan
 Nicki on Gran's scales.....looks like she was tipping them a bit!  Opppps!
 These two heading for the top of the drive where they would have fun jumping in the mud puddles!  Connor and Devon at our cottage on Lake Owasco.
 David coming home from his mission to Taiwan.
 Jeremy's wedding.
 Grandma's pond to play ice hockey and skate after Christmas dinner.
 I loved riding our horses and this pony named Dynamite with David, my little brother.
 Taken at Joe and Julie's wedding:  Mikey DeLarco and Corissa Eisenman.
 Just got home from playing basketball for Blue Ridge HS.  Made my one and only 3 pointer that day!

Yeah............it's me..............just a few years ago!
Doleville at the end of the lake.
 Ray, Barbara O'Neal (Marc's mom), Susan (Marc's sister), Kathy, Marc, Pam and Dan O'Neal at the lake for a visit.
 Young Rob, Anne, Cherie, Michael and Amy
 Grandpa Ray in Astoria, OR
 Stephen Marcus Clay, Sr. (Marc's Dad) when they lived in Pittsburg.
 Curtis and Amy
 Kathy's dad with Ashley, Megan, Cami, and Flynn in Doylestown, PA at the Clay home.
 Annie, Gordon holding Michael, Glenn, front left:  Cherie, Harvey and Nicole.  Thanksgiving at Bennetts.