Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today at the pool...

Today Ashley, baby Henry & I took the girls over to the pool to swim.  The water was so warm that the girls played for an hour before we finally had to pull them out.  Parker rode in back of Dallas on her float until she got a little crazy tipping it from side to side.
Dallas surprised us by wanting to jump to me off the side over and over and over.  Parker got in on the fun, too, but she enjoyed swimming with her noodle playing with a little  boy that showed up.

 Dallas & Parker are both little fishes.   Dally crashed when we got home she was so tired & Parker soon after dinner.  What fun & right down the street!

Henry lay on his momma in the shade sleeping thru all the noise.  He is so darn sweet!

More pics of Henry & family.

Teaching Dallas how to be gentle with baby Henry.

 Dallas loved the little ref rig in the hospital room.  She put her sippy cup in & out.  Kept her busy!

 When I held Henry in the rocker the girls wanted to come rock & hold Henry with Grandma, too.

Baby Henry is here!

Baby Henry was born at 8:35am Sat. May 26th (Grandma Barbara's birthday-she would have liked that!)  He weighs 7 lbs & is 18 3/4 in. long.  His full name is Henry Stephen Nesbitt.

 Happy and healthy baby boy and parents!

 He looks so much like his great grandfather Henry Theodore Nesbitt & pictures I have seen of his Grandfather Henry Lawrence Nesbitt.  Handsome little boy and so sweet!
 Dallas says a surprised, "AH!" every time she sees baby Henry and has been so gentle with him to our surprise.  She is only 19 months old.

 Henry couldn't wait just 3 more hours until my flight came in from NY.  Hank & the girls picked me up & we went right to the Naval Hospital on base at Camp Pendleton.  It is 5 minutes from their house which made it very easy for the girls and I to come visit several times before the baby came home.  This little guy is so sweet, cuddly & looks all boy!
When Hank was trying to set up the port a crib in their bedroom, Dallas wanted to get in.  Once in the crib they couldn't get her to want to get out.  She stayed in it for a good 20 minutes playing!  She was very funny!
 What could be sweeter than this......Ah Henry!
 Big sister loves to hold her new baby....for about 2 minutes & then it is back to business as usual...playtime.

 Henry is so alert when he is awake.  Parker calls him a wiggle worm because he is always moving his arms & legs.
 This is Dally's alien look.  Ha!
 Of course Parker and I had to make cookies together right away...our favorite thing & crafting of course.

 Dally was the baby of the family just a few short days ago........but look at her now!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More pics of Mom's B-day Party

Meg, Paul and Zoey hanging out playing at the party.

Ashley made Mom a picture book with all the family in it.  She loved it and all her other gifts.  It was hard to find something mom doesn't already have so we all had to be creative this year!

Yummm.  Carrot cake cupcakes, little cheesecakes with cheries on top, chocolate brownie desert and cake.  We were all so full from dinner that not much of the desert got eaten.   Everyone loved seeing the new church building.  I set up my computer with pics of the family with Grandma over the years and everyone enjoyed watching the slideshow.  I am going to make a disk of it for Grandma for her computer.