Saturday, February 22, 2014


Our family got together to celebrate Kathy's, Devon's and Nicki's birthdays all from February 9th, 10th and 18th.  And....since we had sick kids on Kristine's b-day and Paul was gone to NYC for his......we caught up on their b-days, too.  We had lots of help blowing out the candle on our ice cream cake.

 Zoey and her great grandpa!   

 Little Levi and that red hair!  So cute!
 Nicki and her dad.  Can't believe she is ...........this year.  She is beautiful inside and out.

 Devon turned 15 going on 21.  Ha!  Can't believe he will be driving next year!  

 Paul - happy belated.
 Kristine - happy belated.
 Cousins Joe Bennett, Kelsey Bennett, Megan and Levi.

Happy Birthdays all around.  Thanks to everyone else for the calls and gifts to all of us.  Love you!

February Family Sledding and Fun

Connor, Dave, Connor's friend and Devon getting ready for a 3 sled slide down our road.  My snowmobile in backround.  I pull the kids up the road and they sled down.  Again and again and again.  Doesn't get much better than that!  This is the first Saturday we have had enough snow at the house to go sledding!

 Devon doing the "back" slide!
 It was really cold so everyone was bundled up.  Here is Victoria with mom Kristine sledding down from our pole barn on the "bunny slope".

 Dave, Kristine and Victoria 
 I am on the left getting ready to ride Marc's snowmobile and Devon on the right on mine.  We took an hour  riding thru the fields and trails thru the trees.  Beautiful and fun!
   Can't have a snow-sledding party without some snow angels.
 Dave and Victoria went down on the ice to "broom" a message to Kristine.

 Pretty cute when they finished. "I love Kristine". 
 When everyone was gone the next day I imaged it said......
.I love Kathy.  Ha!
 Connor holding sweet Lydia.  She is such a little doll!   
 Victoria wanted to go snowmobiling again so Dave took her up around the field.  When they came down she said, "Let's go snowmobiling grandma."  So off we went up and down, around the field a couple of times and we stopped to get the mail.  When we arrived back at the house she wasn't quit ready to stop.  I'm glad she loves snowmobiling and sledding and the SNOW.

So much fun to have Nicki, Connor, Devon, Dave, Kristine, Victoria and Lydia here for a "family snow date" today!

Ice on Owasco Lake

Owasco Lake hasn't totally frozen over for several years.  That is how we knew we were in for a long cold winter here in upstate NY.  A blessing and a curse.  Great to snowmobile right out of our driveway, but the below 0 days were very cold.  Thank goodness for a wood burning stove that keeps out house toasty and warm!
 Marc walked out on the ice, but I passed.  I'm still a little skittish about going out on the ice since my snowmobile dropped 15 ft. to the bottom of a pond a couple of years ago.  I was able to get off of it before it went under, but Marc went down with his.  

 I don't know where this fox was headed, but he was further out on the ice than Marc was.

 It's fun to have a 20X Zoom on my camera.  These ice fisherman are a mile up the lake on the other side out in front of where my brother lives.  I heard it was a good day of fishing.

Valentine's Day Dance

  Today we went out snowmobiling and stopped at the Colonial Inn to have our Valentine Dinner.  Back on our snowmobiles to finish our ride back home. Then it was off to the Valentine's Dance at church.  
For 42 years this sweet, funny guy has been my one true love and "best my friend" as our granddaughter Dallas would say.  What a fun day to spend together!