Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vacation from school.

Devon & Connor spent two nights with us & then one with Megan, Paul & Zoey this week.  We had fun watching movies, playing basketball, video games & Zoey loved having her Uncles to play with on Wed.
Amy said that these two couch potatoes didn't want to go out to a movie this day in WA so they watched one at home instead with their popcorn and drinks!
Wish we all could have been together!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Pics of the Grandkids

Ian & James 

                                                         A yummy breakfast for James
Making a water slide at home

                                                                   Devon & Connor

Parker & Dallas

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter at the Clays

This morning we went to church where Janette and I sang a song together & then again in the choir for our Easter Program.  After our meetings Marc & I rushed home to prepare dinner for the family to arrive.  We ate & then our grandkids went outside for an easter egg hunt. The little girls had some help finding all their eggs, but the boys had a hard time finding the eggs Dave & Kristine had hid.  We all ended up at Mickey Park afterward to play.  
Zoey was pretty good at finding her eggs.
 Victoria had to have alot more help finding hers.

Victoria loved the swings & her Grandpa!

Zoey loved the slide & is finally big enough to climb up to it by herself.

Connor, Tom, Nicki & Devon taking a break from egg hunting.
Victoria wanted to hold all her eggs instead of putting them in her bunny basket.  So cute at 16 months.
 Zoey called her basket her "purse" & carried it around all by herself.  She is almost 2 years old already.
 Janette came over for a while.  It was nice to visit with her & she enjoyed seeing the little ones.
 3 generations:  Megan, Nicki (nanna) and Zoey.  Zoey sure loves her Nanna & her Uncles!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Marc and the Lake

One day we took a ride over to Dan and Diane's house and while down at their beach we took these pics.
 For 41 years Marc has been the adorable, funny, sweet,  love of my life! 

A Sunday Visit and a Happy Birthday Wish

Nicki brought Zoey and the boys over yesterday to wish her dad happy birthday.
 It is so hard to get Zoey to smile at the camera.  She is always on the move!  Zo is growing up so fast, getting tall and talking.  What a doll!  She loves being with her Nana and uncles!  Later Paul and Meg came down for dinner so we got to see them, too.