Monday, August 22, 2011

Palmyra Temple

Saturday Marc and I drove to the Temple to help our youth do baptisms.  Nicki, Devon and Connor also went. Marc performed the baptisms that Devon was proxy for.  It was very neat to be there with Devon for his first time.  Nicki and Connor went to the bookstore and Printing Press for a tour while we were in the Temple.  Afterward we all got a tour given by President and Sister Tanner of the Temple Presidency.  It was very interesting to learn more about the Palmyra Temple, and the area.  We had 18 youth who attended.  That's pretty good for Auburn Ward!

 Did you know that hundreds of children painted pebbles and wrote their name on them to be placed under these steps leading up to the temple?
 The Tanners
 My handsome husband and best friend!  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun roasting giant marshmallows and cute kids!

 or as James just stuff it in!

Surfing Owasco Lake?  Park sure had fun trying. 

Grandma and her little Indians!  Indian war paint made with rubbing two pieces of shale together.

Every morning Parker asked me if she could water my flowers and so she did......and when we got over to Grandma Betty's she asked if she could water grandma's garden.  

Hill Cumorah Pegeant with the Deru Family

Before Pageant starts the cast and crew walk around dressed in costume to meet and greet the visitors as they arrive.  The young man on the right played Joseph Smith.
 King Noah....was very tall.
 I asked him if he was the tallest actor and he said one other man was taller than him...

 Whole families participate in the Hill Cumorah Pegeant.  They come from all over the world for this wonderful experience.
 The whole cast goes onstage in the beginning of the pageant

 Lehi pleading with his sons Laman and Lemuel to listen and obey
 Christ's visit to the Americas
 Joseph receiving the gold plates from Moroni
 Joseph Smith teaching from the Book of Mormon.
We go to Pageant most every year..but this year we would be going twice.  One more time with Amy,Ashley and the kids when they arrived the next week, also, Kristine, Victoria and Dave(who did security that night).
It is a blessing to live so close to Palmyra and have the opportunity to attend as many times as we like!

Deru's visit

Terry, Seletha, Carson and Brock Deru came out to visit us from Utah the first of July.  We had a great time on the water, playing games, eating at Doug's Fish Fry, going to Pageant and just hanging out together!  
Seletha and Carson
 Carson using his photo skills on us!  Pretty darn good pic!
 Connor and Devon spent a few days with us and the boys all had fun tubing and swimming together.
 Marc and Terry enjoyed some time sailing and Carson loved sailing, too.  Maybe a sailboat in your future....Terry?

 A night of mini golf

 rides on the boat

Everyone liked jumping off the water trampoline...if you didn't get thrown off!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of fun in the water at the Lake.

Connor on the knee board.  Devon learned how to do circles on it and Ian and Parker both learned how to ride the knee board this summer!  It was sure fun watching the "littles" learn something new.

 Ashley hasn't lost her touch.

 Ian and Connor ride the tube with all the big kids and adults...full speed ...and Parker seems to like it slow, but at least she and James tubed this year.

By the second week, Dallas would go to any of us and her Aunt Amy grabbed her whenever she could to get some long awaited snuggling in!