Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hill Cumorah Pegeant with the Deru Family

Before Pageant starts the cast and crew walk around dressed in costume to meet and greet the visitors as they arrive.  The young man on the right played Joseph Smith.
 King Noah....was very tall.
 I asked him if he was the tallest actor and he said one other man was taller than him...

 Whole families participate in the Hill Cumorah Pegeant.  They come from all over the world for this wonderful experience.
 The whole cast goes onstage in the beginning of the pageant

 Lehi pleading with his sons Laman and Lemuel to listen and obey
 Christ's visit to the Americas
 Joseph receiving the gold plates from Moroni
 Joseph Smith teaching from the Book of Mormon.
We go to Pageant most every year..but this year we would be going twice.  One more time with Amy,Ashley and the kids when they arrived the next week, also, Kristine, Victoria and Dave(who did security that night).
It is a blessing to live so close to Palmyra and have the opportunity to attend as many times as we like!

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