Friday, January 27, 2012

Barbara Fleming - O'Neal Passed Away January 27, 2012

 Marc's mother, Barbara passed away today while she and Raydad were in Dallas, Texas visiting Marc's sister, Susan.  We are so very sad and will be heading for Dallas tomorrow to help Susan and Raydad with the arrangements.  Here she is with Nicki and Amy while visiting us (I think) in Columbus, Ohio.

 A visit to see us in NY and then down to N. Carolina.  Here they are with Devon and Connor and below with Dave and Kristine.

                           A trip over to the MacKenzie Childs Farm  with my mom, Betty.
                    Visiting Ashley and Parker in North Carolina before heading down to Florida.

We will all miss Barbara dearly!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Fun Day Off

 Dave, Kristine, Victoria and Connor came down today to play in the snow.  We got the sleds out and then the snowmobiles to pull the sledders back up the hill.  Victoria didn't quite know what to think of her "mummy suit" for the cold weather, but she stayed nice and warm and loved sledding.
 Victoria and her da da, Dave.
It's a "family affair'
Grandpa even went sledding with Victoria
 Getting a ride on Grandma's snowmobile.
                             We had lots of fun enjoying the snow, sledding & playing games.   
Connor even got some target practice with his grandpa's 22!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Grandchildren....what a joy to behold!

And if 6 of them didn't live so far away....we could hold them more often!!!!!

Cami and Mike's Jude...  3 months old

 Ashley and Hank's Dallas and Parker....1 & 4 years old

 Dave and Kristine's Victoria...1 year old

 Amy and Curt's James and Ian...4 & 6 years old
James and kitty.....0 

  Nicki's Megan, husband Paul and baby Zoey
      Nicki's Connor and Devon...10 & 12 years & Grandma Betty

Megan and Paul's Zoey ( our great granddaughter)....1 year old

We just found out that our family will be growing again this year with another Nesbitt baby on the way!  We can hardly wait!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Night

New Year's Night we went to Dave & Kristine's.  Victoria was really excited to open this gift bag to Kristine from Grandma Betty!

Happy New Year Family & Friends!!!!

New Year's Eve at the Clays

Grandma Betty came up for Nicki's wedding and stayed!  It was so nice to have her here for all the family festivities!

 Thank goodness Zoey was feeling better so the Carringtons could come see us, too.
The Newlyweds

 An early New Year's eve toast.

Victoria enjoyed the sparkling grape juice.
Zoey & Grandpa played together while the rest of us played a game of Oh Hell.

The yummy food we grilled and enjoyed!

It was hard saying goodbye to Meg, Zoey and Paul since they were leaving on New Year's Day!
   Lots and lots and lots of games of pool!  Yes, even Nicki and Kristine played!  So much fun!
Devon has gotten so tall this year!  Connor, too!  This year went by so fast!
Everyone went home before the ball dropped so it was Grandma Betty, Marc and I to ring in the NewYear!