Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Wedding Dinner

The room was intimate with windows all the way around.  Megan arranged the flower vases for the tables and they looked beautiful!  The food was yummy and we all ate a little too much!  
 Nicki wanted a plain cake but we should have put some real roses around it on the table!  
 Nicki and Tom were so funny cutting the cake.  She did NOT want it all over her face and she didn't know whether he would do it or not!

 Just a little bit on her face.....but not for long.

 One last picture before we all said goodbye.    Nicki  and Tom looked alot less nervous and so very happy!

More or Nicki and Tom's Wedding Pics

 Nicki's hair was beautiful!
 Tom's mom Charlene

 Tom's sister Stacy and Shuan
 Tom's sister Kim, Joe and girls

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding at Belhurst Castle

 Tom's Family

 Nicki's Family
 Five generations
More pics to come!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day in PA

Crepes.........yummmm.  Our Christmas morning tradition!   Since our expert crepe maker was in WA  making crepes for her sisters and families, I had to enlist Marc's help and he did a pretty good job making the last 5!  I'm glad the tradition lives on no matter where the kids are!

 We drove to PA to have a big dinner celebration with my extended family who drove in from NY and NJ.
      Connor, Tom, Nicki and Devon
 Jon, Corissa, Peyton and Taylor
 Joe and Julie
 Jenna, Joe and Jason
 Aidan, Torin, Rob, Tracy and Ashton

These two had a Team thing going on!

                                                                         Peyton was so cute with Victoria

 It was nice to be with my sister Celeste, Taylor and Victoria

Thanks Joe and Julie for having us all down for Christmas!