Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun at the Leonards without US!

I snitched these pictures off of Ashley's don't tell her! Ha!

Parker, James & Ian got into these boxes & asked their parents to ship them to GRANDMA'S!  I wish!!!
Ashley & fam. & Cami & fam. all flew to Amy and Curt's home in WA to spend Christmas together.  
Parker didn't want Dally to get left behind!
And what about this cute little guy....ah Jude! He's changing daily and getting so big!
Building gingerbread houses
What a great job kids!  Yummmmmmmy!  How much of the candy went on the house and how much went into your tummys???
Dally Ally Allas
We miss you all and all the fun you are having without us!  love you all

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