Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Nesbitt Littles..again tonight

At the Beach

I love to go to the beach on base when I come to CA.  We left Ashley and baby Henry home for a couple of hours so we could go play in the water and sand.

 Parker bodysurfed most of the time, but then Hank helped her board surf a few times.  It was kind of scary riding the waves so fast.

 Dallas loved the sea water rushing in around her legs.  We had to keep a firm hand on her as the water rushed back out so she wouldn't go under face first.

And then came playing in the sand..............
 getting buried alive!!!!!!  Dallas loved it!

 Time to take these shaking little bodies up to the warm shower and head for home!  


End of School Pizza/Ice Cream party at the park.

Parker and best friend Grabriella.

 There were pipe cleaners, googly eyes and foam paper to cover juice boxes.  The girls thought it was great fun!

Henry is almost 2 weeks old!

Henry Stephen Nesbitt almost 2 weeks old.  He is already filling out and such a sweet, good natured little guy.  Loves to be cuddled, burbs like a champ and can really fill his diaper, let me tell you!

 A boy and his dad.

 Every time Dallas looks into the crib she takes a quick breath in and says, "ohhhhhhhhh"  It is like a big surprise every time she sees Henry!  So cute!  

 The Nesbitt girls holding Nesbitt soda pop!

Pre-school graduation!

Parker graduated from Pre-School this week.

 Here she is in the chapel after her class walked in to stand up in front.
 She received a necklace and a diploma from her teacher.

 The Pastor told them the story of Martha and Mary in the New Testament and explained how everyday things we have to do are important, but that listening to Jesus's word and teachings is Most Important.
 Once outside we all had drink and cookies and Dallas gave Parker a bouquet of carnations.  Parker loved getting the flowers from her little sister.

Of course baby Henry came along, too!

 I was so glad to be here for Parker's graduation!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just thought you'd like to see this....

It's been a week already.....

 Parker and Dallas lifting weights....Just another day at the Nesbitt house.

The Nesbitt kids ------ Parker 4-1/2      Henry 1 week     and    Dallas 20 months

 Fun again at the pool.  Water - 85 degrees and another sunny day.
 Dallas loves to dig in the dirt.  She shovels it into the little flower cart and all over herself!  So cute!