Sunday, February 20, 2011

The kids of course.

 Let's see.......not only does the dog lay under the table when you are trying to sew....Parker had to be under the chair, too!

Yes....she is 4 months old already!
 The new bike.  Perfect for taking babies and dogs for a ride at the same time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tubby time


Makeup Party

 Parker offered to do my makeup, but I should have known better after seeing the job she did on herself!

Dallas and I taking a short nap.  Got to love that makeup job Park!


The many cute faces of Dallas.

 She loved her bath time with big sister Parker.

After the library we met Ally, Jacob and Chloe at the bowling alley for $1.00 day.  Games, Shoes, french fries and hot dogs all for a dollar each. We made the most of that deal!!!!

 Jacob didn't appreciate the pink dragon and made us change it to the green on half way thru.

 It was nice to see Ally and the kids again and lots of fun to go bowling with the kids.
 First day in CA with Dallas and Parker at the Library for story time.
Dallas was working her tongue during storytime.  So darn cute!

 You just can't help but kiss these sweet fat cheeks whenever you get near Dallas!
 Last morning in WA.  Lots of hugs and kisses before school...
 and one last book before going to the airport....
 and one last cute smile from my Jamsie!
Thanks Leonards for a wonderful, fun visit.  See you soon in CA!
Last night in WA. ...lots of books before bed.....

and........funny faces

The first day after I arrived Ian wanted me to take him to school instead of Amy, but I waited until I could help for V-Day so I would help with his party.

 A sweet boy listening to the story and then.....
 in the computer lab.

                                              More pics of this special event on Amy's blog!
A trip to WA wouldn't be complete without seeing Cherie and her family and.......
 more of the Leonard family at Curt's Mom and Dad's for Sunday dinner.
These cute kids are enjoying a valentine treat in disguise from Amy

 Curt's brother Eric and his family plus James and Ian.
 Thanks Leonards for another wonderful family dinner and visit!