Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gent, Belgium at Night

This afternoon I and 3 coworkers took the train at 180 mph from Paris to Brussels, Belgium and then a local train to our hotel in Gent.  Here is a picture of our hotel.  It is mostly new put it does have any older section that has a beautiful exterior.
This building with all the exterior sculptors is directly across the street from my hotel.
 Here are a few pictures of buildings and churches in the main square in Gent.  I'll take some daytime pictures during the upcoming week.

The group stopped for a pose outside the restaurant where we had just finished dinner.  Michelle Dimmock is from Edinborough, Scotland.  Brian Fabrizzio, Daryl Benson and Barry Johnson are all from the US. 
This is the last stop on this trip.  We have a global sales meeting this week that lasts until Friday night.

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  1. The detail is amazing! I am pretty jealous dad, what I cool trip.