Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Texas...

 Mary and her mother Loretta came to visit on Thursday.  I had never met Loretta before although I have known Mary for years.  Mary, Marc and Susan lived next to each other in a duplex and then their parents  built houses next to each other so they were neighbors and like family for a long time.  
 This is the walker skirt I made Susan to cart her important items around with her from room to room..except a very large water container that I keep filled with ice and water and move for her.  She can keep a water bottle in the skirt for trips out, but for right now she cannot leave the house until the 14th of July.
 Cami, Mike and I were invited to Connie and Jay Jones" beautiful home not far from Susan's in Allen for dinner Sunday night.  Katie stayed with Susan so I could go.  We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed catching up since we hadn't seen each other for about 10 years.  One of their sons and his wife live in Cami and Mike's ward in Dallas, so it was nice for them to get to know each other better, too.
 Here is Mike and 3 friends who came last Sat. to help move the big stuff out of the old upstairs apt. and into the newer 2 bedroom apt.  They moved to the ground floor, too, which is nice.  I went back up on Thursday night and ate dinner with Mike and Cami and swam in the pool.  Ahhhhhhh.....felt so good!
 These are close friends of Susan's who have been bringing food over and visiting.   It has been really nice to meet them.
After Physical Therapy got started on Monday and Susan learned what exercises to do, the swelling of her knee and lower leg have gone down and she continues to walk better every day.  At this point she can even get things out of the refrig to warm up or to make a sandwich and can even carry the plate into her room while using the walker.  She has been icing her leg which helps the pain and can even sit up enough to beat me at 500 rummy and Phase 10 dice.  We even watched a movie on her computer by the bed tonight for the first time.  Every day she gets stronger and less dependent on me.  She's doing great!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Look who's in the Citizen!

The day after we broke ground for the new chapel our pics were in the local paper including little Victoria on my lap.  Of course Marc is in the group on top and the first to dig in!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The first skiing run of the season on the lake!

Dave and Victoria came over the other night to help us put docks in.  The water was very warm so the guys didn't have to wear any wadders!  Right before dusk Dave went skiing.  Victoria didn't really like the engine noise at first, seeing her dad on the dock instead of in the boat or the baby life jacket!  She did settle down after we got going and later really enjoyed sitting in her Dad's lap for the rest of the boat ride home.

 Blowing bubbles at her grandpa!  Too cute!
I know the girls are counting the days until July gets here so they can get out on the lake skiing, too!  They also want to get their hands on that little Victoria, see Dave and Kristine's new home and spend time with the Smigs and Carringtons and see the rest of my family here at the lake.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baseball Game

I went to Devon's baseball game on Friday.  This is him out in Center Field.  He really has a great arm!

 Getting ready to hit a grounder...

Devon on third base where he ran in and scored a run.
It was fun watching Devon play ball.  He a good player and really enjoys it.

Running Down the Dune at Lake Powell 2001

Full Speed ahead for Amy and Cami.......and then ......
 there was Ashley!!!!  Funniest wipe out I have ever seen.

and she survived!
Dave and Victoria came over Saturday to help us put in docks, but it rained the whole time they were here so we didn't get it done.  But we sure had fun with baby Victoria!

 She likes this chair, but does not like to put her feet down or put weight on her feet.......yet!
 It was Uncle Joe's birthday Friday so we celebrated with dinner and cake at his cottage with Grandma Betty, Julie, Joe, Jason, Janette, Monk, Marc and I on Saturday night.  He's  57 this year.  Hard to believe!

Ground Breaking for Auburn Chapel on Tuesday night.

The Primary Children sang beautifully for 15 minutes before the event, including Aunt Anne, Jack and Robin!
 Marc getting ready to be the first to dig a shovel full.  He was so excited that it was really happening after all his work to make the new building a reality.  Beth Broadway from Interfaith Council is standing with Marc.

 Our Auburn Ward Bishop and some members of Town of Sennett board were also here.

Most everyone got a chance to dig a shovelful of dirt at the ground breaking.
 Kristine, Dave and Victoria came down to help us celebrate and Victoria got her picture in the local paper the next day along with her grandpa!  Janette and my mom were also there.

A new chapel in a year's time.  Wow!  Thought it was never going to happen!  We had a great turn out for the ground breaking and had yummy refreshments afterward.