Friday, June 10, 2011

The first skiing run of the season on the lake!

Dave and Victoria came over the other night to help us put docks in.  The water was very warm so the guys didn't have to wear any wadders!  Right before dusk Dave went skiing.  Victoria didn't really like the engine noise at first, seeing her dad on the dock instead of in the boat or the baby life jacket!  She did settle down after we got going and later really enjoyed sitting in her Dad's lap for the rest of the boat ride home.

 Blowing bubbles at her grandpa!  Too cute!
I know the girls are counting the days until July gets here so they can get out on the lake skiing, too!  They also want to get their hands on that little Victoria, see Dave and Kristine's new home and spend time with the Smigs and Carringtons and see the rest of my family here at the lake.  

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  1. Counting down the minutes really...those are mean pictures - looks like you still have it dave. I can't believe how many babies that little life jacket has been through. I remember it on cami. love you victoria!