Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ground Breaking for Auburn Chapel on Tuesday night.

The Primary Children sang beautifully for 15 minutes before the event, including Aunt Anne, Jack and Robin!
 Marc getting ready to be the first to dig a shovel full.  He was so excited that it was really happening after all his work to make the new building a reality.  Beth Broadway from Interfaith Council is standing with Marc.

 Our Auburn Ward Bishop and some members of Town of Sennett board were also here.

Most everyone got a chance to dig a shovelful of dirt at the ground breaking.
 Kristine, Dave and Victoria came down to help us celebrate and Victoria got her picture in the local paper the next day along with her grandpa!  Janette and my mom were also there.

A new chapel in a year's time.  Wow!  Thought it was never going to happen!  We had a great turn out for the ground breaking and had yummy refreshments afterward.

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