Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meg's Birthday

How many cakes does it take to hold 22 candles?  Apparently.....3.  And they were yummy.  It took Meg 3 tries to blow them all out and Zoey helped!  Delicious dinner, lots of yummy cake and family. 

 When you want Zoey to come to you all you have to do is offer her some candy.  She even shared some with her Great Grandpa Marc.  First she took a bite.............
then she gave Grandpa a gooey sticky bite.......
then decided the rest was hers.  She loves gummies, too.
 Nicki was actually cooking so she donned her special apron Amy made for her.
 Hey guys...just relaxing with Aunt Nicki.
 Zoey kissing Victoria's foot.  Victoria loved it!
Victoria thinks she can drink form a glass already and was crying for a drink.  Kristine gave her some of her water and she did pretty good.  Didn't even spit it out!  Maybe it's time for a sippy?  She's just too cute!

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