Monday, August 20, 2012

Ian's family b-day party at his grandparent Leonard's home

First Grandpa Ted rolled out the 8 ft wide slip n slide 120 ft down the hill and turned on the hose!  Curt bought this black plastic 4 years ago and it is still being used for summer parties.  His cousins who live close all came and some close family friends, too.
 The kids all wanted to go down with the adults because they went faster and further.  I went down and up about 25 times.  It was a riot!!!!!  The kids all raced to the top of the hill after every slide to go down again!

 Amy even got in on some trips down the hill.
 You might start down forward, but end up backward or sideways by the bottom.
 Doesn't this look like so much fun!  Now that's a slip n slide!  Wish our hill at the lake wasn't so bumpy down to the beach so we could have a set up like this, too!  We could slide right down into the lake!
 Then it was corn dogs, and cupcakes for all.  And Presents of course!

I have never had so much fun away from the lake.  Thanks Leonards for the fun day of sliding and all the water they had to use to keep those kids sliding down the hill over and over and over again!

Last week in WA with the twins, Ian and James

 4 cute Leonard Boys = Ian, Finn, Will and James
The babies are a month old tomorrow already!!!  They have filled out and stay awake much longer, looking around when they hear sounds and are so sweet to cuddle with!  Ian likes to hold one of them for about 5 minutes and will even burp them.  James wants to hold one for about 2 minutes and then he gets bored, but thinks they are cute!  One morning I heard James say, "Mom stop feeding the babies and feed me! I'm hungry!"

 Baby A - Will with Baby B - Finn   Come here Will.  Let me see what YOU taste like!
 My turn Finn.  Give me that arm!

 William and Finn - look like two little old men.  Ha!
 In their Blessing Outfits
 Will dislikes wearing any hat.  He wiggles and wiggles until it moves down over his eyes! Finn could care less what he is wearing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grandchildren and more...


 Stella visiting and James
 Grandpa came swimming with us!  What fun!
 Sweet Henry
 Oh Jude...
 Jude helping out in Grandma Bready's kitchen in Utah
 Victoria playing

 James and Ian before bed

 Dallas and Henry
 Ashley and baby Henry
 Out of the bathroom with this hairdoo?   Dallas
 Nicki and Zoey 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Still at the Leonards in Washington with 4 cute boys!

Big brothers James and Ian, with Finn on left and Will on right.
 Curtis and the twins resting up from a long night before!

 licorice for Will...bad grandpa
 So tiny and sweet.  It is fun to watch them awake next to each other with their arms flailing and legs kicking making noises at each other.   Sometimes one tries to eat the others hand or arm.  So funny!

 Great way to keep cool on a hot day away from NY and the Lake!

 James at swim lessons

 Ian swimming across the pool without help.
 We went to the LeMay American Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. on Sat.  it was very interesting.  The boys liked Fred Flintstone's Car!  Ha

 These little guys are growing so fast.  Marc and I are so glad to be here while they are newborns.
Finn on left and Will on right.   
 Finn holding his foot.