Monday, August 13, 2012

Still at the Leonards in Washington with 4 cute boys!

Big brothers James and Ian, with Finn on left and Will on right.
 Curtis and the twins resting up from a long night before!

 licorice for Will...bad grandpa
 So tiny and sweet.  It is fun to watch them awake next to each other with their arms flailing and legs kicking making noises at each other.   Sometimes one tries to eat the others hand or arm.  So funny!

 Great way to keep cool on a hot day away from NY and the Lake!

 James at swim lessons

 Ian swimming across the pool without help.
 We went to the LeMay American Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. on Sat.  it was very interesting.  The boys liked Fred Flintstone's Car!  Ha

 These little guys are growing so fast.  Marc and I are so glad to be here while they are newborns.
Finn on left and Will on right.   
 Finn holding his foot.

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