Monday, August 20, 2012

Last week in WA with the twins, Ian and James

 4 cute Leonard Boys = Ian, Finn, Will and James
The babies are a month old tomorrow already!!!  They have filled out and stay awake much longer, looking around when they hear sounds and are so sweet to cuddle with!  Ian likes to hold one of them for about 5 minutes and will even burp them.  James wants to hold one for about 2 minutes and then he gets bored, but thinks they are cute!  One morning I heard James say, "Mom stop feeding the babies and feed me! I'm hungry!"

 Baby A - Will with Baby B - Finn   Come here Will.  Let me see what YOU taste like!
 My turn Finn.  Give me that arm!

 William and Finn - look like two little old men.  Ha!
 In their Blessing Outfits
 Will dislikes wearing any hat.  He wiggles and wiggles until it moves down over his eyes! Finn could care less what he is wearing!

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