Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sea World

Marc really wanted to go to Sea World and it was lots of fun seeing the whales, seals and dolphins perform.

We were in the "wet" seats and got splashed a good one by a "whale tail" before the end of the show!
Zoey wasn't thrilled about getting wet, and Ian acted as a shield for Paul so he got really wet!
Waving to the audience.

There was a manta ray pool where you could actually touch them and feed them.  They would suck a fish out of your hand.  Creepy feeling!

Later at the beach on Thursday.

We missed Paul and the kids swimming, but got there in time to play for a while.
Cami and Mike
Paul, Megan and Zoey
Later at Ashley and Hank's house it was a bath, jammies and raiding Ash and Hank's closet.
The best time of the day.  Reading to the kids before bed.

Trampoline time and bowling on Thursday

The littles had fun on Parker's trampoline and even some of the adults!

Dollar day at the bowling alley on base, so we all got in on the action.

Smigs say goodbye and San Diego Harbor on Wed.

We were so sad to say goodbye to Nicki, Devon and Connor.  The little ones especially missed them.  Those boys were so good to their little cousins playing with and keeping track of them and taking them on rides.  We had so much fun!
This ship was used in the movie Master and Commander.
The Star of India

The Famous Kiss
Marc was happy to see a boat race going on in the Harbor.
This dolphin jumped right into this small boat after the trainer called him by splashing his hand in the water.  They did it several times and it was amazing.  They put a tent up over the dolphin and then took off.
The dolphin was being trained to pick something up in the water and then would bring it to the boat before jumping in.