Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Thank you Smigs, Leonards, Clays, Nesbitts, Breadys and Carringtons for the phone calls, dinner and gifts that made my Mother's Day so special!  It is truly a joy to be called your Mom and Grandmother!

On Mother's Day I went to Syracuse Ward with Marc and got to sit and hold little Victoria while her dad and her grandfather both spoke in Sacrament Meeting.  Afterward Marc and I traveled down to New Milford, PA, to visit with and take gifts to my Mother.  She hadn't felt good that morning so I was glad I had brought dinner with me so she didn't have to cook.  We had a great visit for several hours and then headed home to the Lake.  Mom's birthday is also this week so we celebrated both with her.  We are thankful that both our Mothers are healthy and happy and hopefully will be around for many years to come!!!  
We love you Betty and Barbara!

Betty Bennett
Barbara and Ray O'Neal

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