Saturday, February 12, 2011

Notre- Dame Cathedral in Paris

This is the front of the cathedral.  The detail and the craftsmanship on this old building are really amazing.  
 From these next two pictures you can see some of the detailed designs in one of the entrance ways.
 I liked this statue outside.
 Here is the front of the cathedral looking across the Seine River.  You can see the statue above in the foreground.
 The lighting inside the building was minimal and there were no flashes allowed.  There are several large windows of stained glass that were really beautiful.
 These statues are a little hard to see, but they tell the story of the King having the male babies killed while Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are leaving on a donkey.
This painting is in the Louvre but it fits best here in the blog.  This is Napoleon inside the cathedral making someone queen.
 These last two pics are from inside the cathedral.  In this next picture you can compare the height of the people versus the height of the ceiling.  The cathedral is just amazing considering it was built many hundreds of years ago.

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