Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve at the Clays

Nicki, Tom, Devon and Connor,  Paul, Megan and Zoey, Dave, Kristine, Victoria and Peter all arrived at our house late Sat. morning.  We snacked for a while, sang some Christmas songs and then Devon read the Christmas Story from Luke 2.  After that it was youngest to oldest opening presents to each other.  Dave, Kristine and Victoria were the only ones spending the night and would be with us Sunday morning so with no protest from Nicki......we opened them ALL.  We really loved all the presents we got and especially the ones sent lovingly from  the Leonards, Nesbitts, Breadys and O'Neals, who couldn't be with us this Christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone!

 Ho Ho Ho.......Merry Christmas Eve!

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