Friday, January 6, 2012

Grandchildren....what a joy to behold!

And if 6 of them didn't live so far away....we could hold them more often!!!!!

Cami and Mike's Jude...  3 months old

 Ashley and Hank's Dallas and Parker....1 & 4 years old

 Dave and Kristine's Victoria...1 year old

 Amy and Curt's James and Ian...4 & 6 years old
James and kitty.....0 

  Nicki's Megan, husband Paul and baby Zoey
      Nicki's Connor and Devon...10 & 12 years & Grandma Betty

Megan and Paul's Zoey ( our great granddaughter)....1 year old

We just found out that our family will be growing again this year with another Nesbitt baby on the way!  We can hardly wait!

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