Friday, January 27, 2012

Barbara Fleming - O'Neal Passed Away January 27, 2012

 Marc's mother, Barbara passed away today while she and Raydad were in Dallas, Texas visiting Marc's sister, Susan.  We are so very sad and will be heading for Dallas tomorrow to help Susan and Raydad with the arrangements.  Here she is with Nicki and Amy while visiting us (I think) in Columbus, Ohio.

 A visit to see us in NY and then down to N. Carolina.  Here they are with Devon and Connor and below with Dave and Kristine.

                           A trip over to the MacKenzie Childs Farm  with my mom, Betty.
                    Visiting Ashley and Parker in North Carolina before heading down to Florida.

We will all miss Barbara dearly!!!


  1. Thanks for posting such nice pictures of Grandma Barbara. We miss her so much already.

  2. Thanks for posting these pics mom. I needed that today.