Friday, August 19, 2011


The second week in July, Amy, Ian and James, plus Ashley, Parker and Dallas arrived in NY for a month long stay with us.  One of the first things they wanted to do was to ride on Grandpa's "Bunda" Tractor.  A pet name given to tractors by Ian when he was really little.  Here are:
Parker, Connor, Marc holding Dallas, James, Ian and Amy.

 Another hot spot at the lake is the Hot Tub and everyone loves getting in first thing in the morning.  Dave and Victoria are here this morning.  Ian, Victoria, Dave, Ashley holding Dallas and James and Parker behind.
 Parker was always tackling her cousins, Connor and Devon.
 Meg and her little Zoey.
 Digging for worms.  James and Parker weren't at all squeemish about handling the worms for fishing later.

Up against the netting on the trampoline.  It was a great place to put the littlest ones to roll and play together.
Dallas would sit and play for darn cute!  We called her our "marshmallow baby" because she was so soft and had rolls on her arms and legs.  

Zoey ...delighted to be riding in the little red wagon around the yard.
Just the beginning of a wonderfully fun summer with the kids and grandkids and great granddaughter, Zoey!

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