Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ice on Owasco Lake

Owasco Lake hasn't totally frozen over for several years.  That is how we knew we were in for a long cold winter here in upstate NY.  A blessing and a curse.  Great to snowmobile right out of our driveway, but the below 0 days were very cold.  Thank goodness for a wood burning stove that keeps out house toasty and warm!
 Marc walked out on the ice, but I passed.  I'm still a little skittish about going out on the ice since my snowmobile dropped 15 ft. to the bottom of a pond a couple of years ago.  I was able to get off of it before it went under, but Marc went down with his.  

 I don't know where this fox was headed, but he was further out on the ice than Marc was.

 It's fun to have a 20X Zoom on my camera.  These ice fisherman are a mile up the lake on the other side out in front of where my brother lives.  I heard it was a good day of fishing.

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