Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Henry is here!

Baby Henry was born at 8:35am Sat. May 26th (Grandma Barbara's birthday-she would have liked that!)  He weighs 7 lbs & is 18 3/4 in. long.  His full name is Henry Stephen Nesbitt.

 Happy and healthy baby boy and parents!

 He looks so much like his great grandfather Henry Theodore Nesbitt & pictures I have seen of his Grandfather Henry Lawrence Nesbitt.  Handsome little boy and so sweet!
 Dallas says a surprised, "AH!" every time she sees baby Henry and has been so gentle with him to our surprise.  She is only 19 months old.

 Henry couldn't wait just 3 more hours until my flight came in from NY.  Hank & the girls picked me up & we went right to the Naval Hospital on base at Camp Pendleton.  It is 5 minutes from their house which made it very easy for the girls and I to come visit several times before the baby came home.  This little guy is so sweet, cuddly & looks all boy!
When Hank was trying to set up the port a crib in their bedroom, Dallas wanted to get in.  Once in the crib they couldn't get her to want to get out.  She stayed in it for a good 20 minutes playing!  She was very funny!
 What could be sweeter than this......Ah Henry!
 Big sister loves to hold her new baby....for about 2 minutes & then it is back to business as usual...playtime.

 Henry is so alert when he is awake.  Parker calls him a wiggle worm because he is always moving his arms & legs.
 This is Dally's alien look.  Ha!
 Of course Parker and I had to make cookies together right away...our favorite thing & crafting of course.

 Dally was the baby of the family just a few short days ago........but look at her now!

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