Monday, March 26, 2012

Family.....and sharing those special moments

I love it when the kids send us picture messages and we get to see what our cute grandchildren are up to.

And I love having the grandkids over to play.   Victoria and her grandpa down on the dock on Friday.
 Just up from her nap and out on the deck looking for Grandpa!
Jude is getting so big.   He's now 6 months old!

 These cute and crazy little girls in CA..........Parker and Dallas

 I was out Kayaking on Wed and Thursday afternoons.  It was beautiful and hot and smooth as glass.  I kayaked down to my sister's, a mile up the lake and back both days.  Glorious peek into what spring will be bringing to us soon.  We even put 7 of our 11 docks in on St. Patrick's day because it was so warm and the water so low.  A record day in NY all the way around!  Our lake house in the afternoon sun.

 While it was hot in NY it was very cold in Washington State for James, Ian and Curtis!
 Parker's new rolling backpack she got for her trips coming up this summer!   First to RI and then to NY.  Dally already has one she pulls all over the house!  So cute!

 The Leprechauns played a trick on Ian and James on St. Patty's Day.

 Jude was so cute on facetime this morning.  What a happy boy.

In the back yard at Dave and Kristines.........and at the neighborhood park.  Victoria loves the slide!

 Dallas ready to get up.  Hey get me!
 At the airport leaving to go home from Ashley's in CA.  We were so sad to see these little guys go home!

 Connor really liked his Marines shirt we brought back to him from CA.

 Modeling her brand new dress.
 I love seeing what the family is doing from day to day since some of them are so far away and it helps keep us all a close knit family!  

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