Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scanning Pictures......remembering when..........

Nicole Diane Clay  TX
  Bob, Marc and Joe  (Marc made his leather hat)

                                                        Grandma Betty

                                              Grandma Ruth Bennett's Funeral
                          The Bennett family: 1961 at the Bennett house in PA
 Seven & one half months pregnant with David in OH
                            Jenna, Joe, Jillina, Flynn Megan and Devon, Jason and Cami in PA
                          I think this was David's farewell for his Mission to Taiwan.  PA
                     Picking up Amy at the airport after her mission to Romania?
  Can't forget the time Meg jumped on the "gray looking ice" in got covered with concrete!  NH

                                  Has to be the 80's with Nicki's big hair in Utah.
                                 Jackie, Rob, Michelle and Nicole at the lake.  NY
                                                           Grandma Whitney and Cami
                             My Mom and Dad:  Betty and Bob Bennett   PA
 My junior/senior picture since I graduated with 1/2 credit remaining in summer school in 1973. TX
               Visiting my brother John in Florida during a trip to Orlando and DisneyWorld in August of 1980.
             A visit with Aunt Thelma (Clay) Kirkes in Irving on one of our trips to Texas to see family.
                                            Grandma Whitney's pond after our Christmas dinner.  PA
                                                      Rainbow Bridge, Lake Powell, Utah

                                  Grandpa Jete and of course, Irmy wormy, Nicole's favorite toy!  TX
                             "Oh Ashley"  "Oh baby Ashley" Dave would say whenever he saw her.  Utah
                                                Look at this cute little butterball in Columbus, Ohio.
                            Best of friends:  Camille and Megan on their way to school in Doylestown, PA.

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