Sunday, January 16, 2011

Visiting TX Relatives

We drove 30 minutes out to Kaufman Cemetery where Marc and Susan's Dad, his second wife Janet, his Grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle who died young were all buried.  This is the headstone for one of Marc's Aunts on his father's side who was 5 when she died.

James  Allen was 7 when he died.  James Leonard doesn't know his Grandpa had an Uncle named James!
Grandma Rosa had 10 children.  Grandpa Stephen Marcus Clay Sr. being the youngest.
 Wow. Grandpa Stephen Calhoun Clay died at 61.  And Grandma Rosa lived for 28 more years without him.  
 Marc and Susan's Dad.  Died at 57.
Janet lived for 13 more years while son Christopher fulfilled her dream of him becoming a Catholic Priest.
Marc and Susan are standing at the Clay Family gravesite in Kaufman.  When Janet died, Chris must have bought the family headstone for his parents and also new stones for James, Rosa and Stephen to match.  When we had last been to this gravesite before Janet died, the stone markers were all even with the ground.  We were glad to see the new markers.  Thank you Chris wherever you are!

This is a street in Kaufman.   We just had to take a pic of it.  Made us smile. Was it named after the Clay Family?  Humm!

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