Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends Forever and last post on Dallas Trip

Susan, Marc and Mary
Started out living side by side in the duplex, houses next door to each other and sharing each other's families when they were young.
I met Mary when we moved to Dallas and loved her right away.  She has much the same sense of humor as Marc and Susan and is alot of fun to be with.  We haven't seen her for quite a few years and it was wonderful to re-connect and for Cami and Mike to meet the "other half" of the family!
 Katie spent her two nights off work with us and she still loves to play games as much as we do!  She is a sweetie and we were so glad to see her!!! 
 Wacky Six Anyone?    YES!

 Playing "oh hell".  Had to get at least one game in!
                   Thanks Cami and Mike for a wonderful vaca with family and friends. We love you alot!

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