Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinner with Aunt Susie and Katie

This is backing up a bit:  Monday night after Christmas we all went to Aunt Susie's house in Allen for dinner and had a good look at some younger pics of Marc and Susan.   We had been to Marc and Susan's family homes in Dallas, Gran and Jete's house, the Jr. High and High Schools he and I had attended for one year each and to the Restaurant he used to work at in 8th grade.  We ate lunch there.  To Cami and Mike's for a rest and then on to Allen.  Big Day!
 I think I told Parker if she smiled for the pic we would take her to the Hotel with us and go swimming.  She did smile and we did go swimming!
 Dallas was always smiling at us.  So darling.

 Cousins: Katie and Ashley born 6 months apart.  Katie has been out to see Ashley in CA a few times lately.  It is nice that Ash got to come visit Katie in TX.  

We could hardly pry Dallas out of Hank's arms.  He was taking full advantage of his vaca time and his baby girl loved it!  Thanks for driving to Dallas to see us Nesbitts!

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