Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye and Good Luck to Chris and Carly

The family were invited to Dan and Diane's for a farewell dinner for Chris and Carly Sunday night.  Chris would leave on Monday to drive over 4000 miles to Alaska where he has been stationed with the Army.  Carly will follow shortly. We hope to see them again in July for their wedding reception.  Carly looked beautiful and Chris so handsome out by the water for their day after Christmas wedding.  They seem very suited for each other and are best friends.  Great way to start a marriage!

Of course we all got to hold baby Victoria.  She smiled several times at Grandpa and Aunt Diane, but pooped up her back and down her leg while I was holding her!!!  She didn't even cry when we had to just about give her a bath while changing her.  So sweet!  

Two Sweeties!

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