Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cheeseburgers in Paradise with wonderful old friends

Llewellyn Westerman not only sails, but is a famous calypso singer on Saint Croix.  Marc had called Llewellyn and found out he was singing Saturday night at a place called Cheeseburgers in Paradise, an outdoor restaurant that had tenting for a roof and a small stage. Llewellyn had called Wally and Elsie Galloway to come meet us for dinner. 
 Llewellyn was setting up on the stage when we arrived, so Marc was able to talk to him for a few minutes and then these two older couples started walking in and Marc said, "That has got to be Wally.  I can tell by his walk."  Sure enough when the two couples came and sat right beside us it was Wally, Elsie and Wally's sister Beryl and her husband, Douglas.  (Wally worked for Dick Newick as a boat builder and was a true craftsman.  Marc said one time when he was in the Triumph riding with Wally to the shop, all the fiberglass stuff in the back of Wally's car kept rattling around.  Elsie confirmed that is was pretty loud, too). 
Llewellyn sang at Grape Tree Bay Hotel when Marc's step-dad Bill Provost also played piano there.  It was great to listen to Llewellyn's wonderful music and Marc acquired two of his cd's that we have  been enjoying since we got home!
 On one of Llewellyn's breaks, Elsie, Llewellyn, Marc and Wally.
looked at Marc's old island pictures.  They were surprised to see younger versions of themselves and others like Inglore, Llewellyn's brother, Arthur and Freddy.

Wally, Elsie, Llewellyn, Douglas and Beryl (Wally's brother-in-law and sister)
What a wonderful surprise for Marc and I to be able to see so many of his old friends.  Some who mentored and taught him as a boy.  

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