Friday, January 17, 2014

In Florida with Raydad O'Neal

We arrived at Ray's late Tuesday Night.  It was rainy and cool, but warmer than New York!
The view from Ray's apartment in Pompano Beach, Florida was beautiful. This pic looks over a canal and the water further out is the inter-coastal waterway.
This view looking the other way is of the ocean.

We got up on Wednesday and had breakfast in the dining room of Ray's building and then we took a ride out to Ray's son Dan's beautiful home in Lighthouse Point.  We had lunch looking out over the sea.
Even though the wind was blowing and it was misty and wet, I really wanted to stop at the beach to go down by the water and smell the sea air.

 Raydad told us he had met a wonderful lady who lived in his building that he wanted us to meet.........because he had asked her to marry him and she had said yes.
Her name is Eloissa and they are perfect for each other.   He was so happy and looked great.
Eloissa is from Cuba originally and her family got out right before the Revolution.  They lived in Conn. and then Florida.  She has traveled the world and in an accomplished artist in watercolor and oils.  She also has twin sons, a daughter and several grandchildren.  
I loved this watercolor she had painted.  This picture does not do it justice!

 We all went out to dinner Wed. night in Fort Lauderdale Beach and had wonderful Italian food.

The visit was way too short, but we had a wonderful time with Raydad and enjoyed getting to know Eloissa!

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