Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday on St. Croix

The first thing we did Monday morning was to tour the Old Yellow Danish Fort
 before heading East in the car.  The Danish built it, then gave it up to the English and the United States bought the Virgin Islands in 1917.
 I guess you wouldn't have wanted to try to climb over the walls to get into this place!
 You couldn't stand up in any of these dungeons.

 The Cay behind us from on top of the fort.
The Fort from the Cay.
Town from the fort.
This is what the Fort used to look like when Marc was a boy living on the Cay.  I like the red color better!
 Alexander Hamiliton's family was from here in the Islands.

 One of Dick Newick's first trimarans that our new friend Miles bought years ago was dry docked at the marina.
Marc took these pictures of Trine while sailing on the North Star with Bomba over near Virgin Gorda.
This is the Buccaneer Hotel and Resort.  It has a beautiful building up on the hill and other rooms down on the beach.
Looking over the golf course back toward Christiansted.
This was up by the entrance to the Buccaneer.  These purple flowers hanging down above this walkway were beautiful.
 These next two pictures are of  Marc (17 yrs old during Christmas Break) when he worked down on the beach renting out boards, selling drinks and taking people sailing on a Sunfish at the Buccaneer Hotel.

This kite surfer was out on the reef  as we headed for the St. Croix Yacht Club on the East end of the island where Llewellyn keeps his trimaran moored. 
 Another view of Buck Island from near St. Croix Yacht Club.
 This shows a different view of one of the big Cats moored up the lagoon where we snorkeled Saturday at the underwater trail at Buck Island.
 The craziest thing happened Monday on our way to the St. Croix Yacht Club!  Marc was just saying that the one person he hadn't seen of his old friends yet was Inglore Westerman, whom he used to sail with for Sea Rovers. we were almost ready to turn into the Yacht Club we saw a man walking along the side of the road and Marc said, "I think that man looks like he could be Inglore!"  We pulled into the yacht club, turned around and drove up right beside the man and stopped.  Marc rolled down his window and asked the man if he was Inglore Westerman and he said yes.  Then Marc told him his name was Marc Clay and Inglore reached in and rubbed  the back of Marc's head.   "You remember when I dropped you on your head?" Inglore asked.  He told us he was walking home so we asked him if we could take him for lunch and then home afterwards.  We talked and ate for a good long time while Marc showed him old island pictures and he told us stories.  One time on the wharf Inglore had Marc's hands and Arthur had Marc's feet and they were swinging him threatening to throw him in the bay, but when Inglore let go Arthur didn't and Marc's head crashed onto the wharf.  Inglore said there was no blood, but it really scared him that Marc could be badly hurt.  Marc has a tough head and he turned out to be just fine, but Inglore never forgot!
 Marc and Inglore

 Inglore and Winnie's Westerman's home.

 Marc, Inglore and Winnie.  It was delightful getting to know both Winnie and Inglore in their lovely home.
 Inglore's hobby is building these sailboats.  I wish you could see the perfectly detailed workmanship on them.  They are beautiful!!!  I told him Marc needs a small version of the one on the right.  
 Here is a small boat Inglore has been restoring at the Yacht Club.
Flashback.....Marc and Inglore having a teaching moment.  Inglore said he was about 23 in this picture.
Marc's mother, Bill and Marc on the North Star getting ready to go for a sunset sail with Captain Inglore who is standing on the wharf.
This monument is at Point Udall which is the most eastern point of the United States.  The road leading up to the monument was narrow and winding. You could see ocean on 3 sides.

 Looking back at Buck Island in the distance.

 Dinner Monday night was in the courtyard at Savant Restaurant.  It was voted 'Most Creative Cuisine" by the daily news and we had to agree.  Delicious!

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