Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cousins Family Christmas Sledding at the Bennetts in PA

Miles Eisenman
 Flynn Eisenmans and Megan Carrington
Jason Bennett
 Connor Smigliani
 Flynn, Aidan Bennett, Jenna Bennett and James.  Jillina Bennett was ourside taking pictures, also.
 Ashton Bennett, Jason, Devon Smigliani, Paul Carrington & Connor
 Megan and Zoey Carrington
 Aidan Bennett
 Ashton, Connor and Torin Bennett  and Flynn with Uncle Joe on porch
 Nicki Smigliani and Victoria Clay
 Boyfriend James and Jenna Bennett
 Ashton and Miles at the jump down the hill
Paul, Megan, Zoey and Dave Clay
 Torin getting a running start to go down over the jump on his sled
Nicki and Kathy covered with snow at the bottom of the hill and laughing their heads off!

The snow was coming down, the kids were having a ball and it was like many Christmas parties past.  The only thing that didn't happen was the football game in the back yard because, the "old guys" wouldn't get dressed to come out to play!

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