Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve Sled Run Down Our Road

Dave, Kristine, Victoria, Nicki, Devon and Connor came down for New Years Eve.
We all went out sledding.  I clocked the sledders on one run with my snowmobile and they were going 27 mph!
Dave and Nicki
 Connor, Nicki, Dave and Devon on the first run down the road!
 Kristine and Victoria went down the lower half and Victoria absolutely loves sledding!

 Nicki, Dave and Victoria
 Victoria also likes to ride on the snowmobile and took several trips up and down with me to pull sledders back up the hill.

Can you tell Victoria's mom works at SU and her Dad goes to school there!
Dave and Victoria came down today, January 3 to go snowmobiling and do a little sledding.
Marc on the left and Dave on the right.  They rode for a couple of hours while Victoria and I played, read books and snuggled.

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