Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chris and Katelin's Wedding

On February 5th, 2016 our family traveled to Charleston, West Virginia, to attend the wedding of Chris and Katelin, who were married the next day in a beautiful ceremony at the University of Charleston.  Amy flew out from Washington State while the rest of us were fortunate enough to live close enough to drive.  Chris and Katelin drove over to our hotel to spend time with our family after their rehearsal dinner and we had a wonderful time getting to know Katelin and spending time with Chris.  Here we are right before the ceremony began, during and after the wedding.

February 6th, 2016

Marc holding Lydia Clay with Parker Nesbitt

Hank and Ashley Nesbitt

Dave and Kristine Clay

Parker, Amy Leonard and Dallas Nesbitt

Katelin and her Dad

Giving the bride away to Chris and then the Ceremony.  It was meaningful, funny and Chris sang a love song he wrote for Katelin that was beautiful.  So glad we were all there
to share in their special day.

Chris's dad, John Megert reading a scripture

Susan Megert, Katelin, Chris and John Megert

Siblings:  Nicki Smigliani, Amy Leonard, David Clay, Ashley Nesbitt and Camille Bready

The Clay Clan with Aunt Susan, Marc's sister

Cami, Amy, Dave, Ashley, Nicki with cousins, Katie and Jeremy (Chris' siblings) reuniting after many years.  It was wonderful.

Kristine, Cami, Nicki, Amy, Ashley and Katie

Nicki, Kristine, Camille, Kathy, Amy, Susan, Ashley and Victoria, Lydia, Dallas and Parker

The Nesbitt family: Parker, Ashley, Dallas, Henry and Hank

The Breadys Family: Camille, Jude, Mike and Charlie.  Jude's face is Priceless!

Kathy Clay, Marc Clay and our beautiful sister Susan Megert

The Clay Family:  Dave, Lydia, Victoria and Kristine

The Bready Family: Camille, Jude, Charlie and Mike

Katie looked so beautiful in her bridesmaid dress for the ceremony.

Jeremy, Josie and John

After the wedding and pictures we walked to an adjoining building for the to follow!

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