Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Just having fun in Charleston, West Virginia

The Clay Clan arrived one car at a time in Charleston, West Virginia on Friday night the 5th of February.  Chris and Katelin came to see us and stayed for a couple of hours.  It was so nice getting acquainted with Katelin and to be reunited with Chris.  Some of us hurried to change and jumped in the pool after they left and most of us swam the next morning even before breakfast!  Some swam after breakfast again and we swam after the reception, too!  It was nice to be on the same floor of the hotel together and we had so much fun as a family playing cards, eating pizza and just being together for the first time since Christmas.

Ashley, Dallas and Amy.  
Amy flew into Washington, DC where Hank picked her up after work and she stayed the night in VA with them and then they all drove to W. VA. together.  Amy had never been to Ashley and Hank's new home so it was a treat for her.

 Connor was our only teenager and the kids all love him and wanted to be with him.

Lydia just wanted her Grandpa!

The cousins had fun together.

We ate a wonderful buffet breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning at the hotel.  Lydia walked around with this napkin on her head and was so cute!

We all got in on the action in the pool when Grandpa started a water train.

Hank and Henry 

Mike and Charlie

Charlie, Mike and Jude


Dave and Lydia

Kristine, Lydia, Dave, Marc, Henry, Dallas, Kathy, Victoria and Hank


Kristine and Victoria behind and Lyia


The kids always love to swim with Grandma, too.  Dallas, Parker, Victoria, Lydia and Henry.

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