Monday, March 24, 2014


We were only able to snowmobile out of our house for 2 weeks this winter.  The Baumans from Indian Cove rode with us all the way to Greek Peek (52 miles) where we rode right down to the lodge and had lunch.  Then rode back a different way than we came totaling 109 miles in all.   The rest of the time we trailer-ed the sleds up North to Perish and Altmar because they had lots of snow to ride on and the trails were groomed most of the time.
  I like being able to ride from home because we can go at night or take a couple hours in the afternoon.   Here we are one afternoon riding back from the town of Skaneateles.  You can see Skaneateles Lake to the back right of my helmet. 
 This year we have really enjoyed being able to communicate helmet to helmet.  The system plays music off our I phones,  we can answer calls coming in or talk with each other while Marc and I are driving separate snowmobiles.  

 Dave went with Marc up to Altmar one Saturday for an 80 mile ride.
 Our friends Sharon and son Brad Bauman brought their sleds up to Altmar one Saturday to ride with us.  Here we are in our friend's driveway, across the road from the main snowmobile trail.  Look at the pile of snow even after they had a thaw the week before!  

 We saw at least 40 of these wind mills up north of Redfield .  They are so big and it was eerie listening to them spin when we stopped.
 Another Saturday we met my cousin Glenn Whitney and his son Clayton up at the Montigue Lodge to eat lunch.  It was fun catching up on their family and then riding with them for a little while.

 Devon and I getting ready to take a ride from our driveway.
Dave taking Victoria for a ride.  She loved it so much I had to take her out for a ride after they got done!

 It is beautiful riding thru the trails and fields.  We often see deer, but it is a treat to see so many turkeys in the middle of winter.
 This is the last major snow we got the middle of March, but it wasn't enough to ride on.   What a cold long winter we are having.  We have used up several cords of wood keeping the house cozy and warm, but have very little left.  It will be back out to cut and split wood for us if it doesn't warm up soon!!!
Snowmobiling is such a fun way to look forward to winter instead of dreading the snowfall!  We love it!

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