Monday, March 24, 2014

Guess who turned 60 on March 22

Marc turned 60 Saturday.  Crazy!  These last ten years have flown by!!!
Local Family Members: Janette & Monk, Dan & Diane, Joe & Julie and Marc & Kathy.
Victoria helping Grandpa blow out his candles

 Like son like father or the other way around.  Ha
Nicki, Connor and Devon had been snow skiing all day so by the time they got to the party, they were "pooped".  Here is Connor and their dog, Layla. 
 Devon after an unhappy loss by Syracuse University Basketball game against Dayton.
Thank you all for the cards and presents for Marc on his 60th.  What a milestone for him!  I am so glad he is healthy and still around after 42 years together!  

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