Sunday, December 16, 2012


Because Hank is deploying unexpectedly I was able to talk him into buying Parker and I Disneyland passes for Christmas (with some help from my mom and dad!).  I love Disney at Christmas so Hank and Park took a day off on Wednesday and we went as a family.
We haven't been since Henry was born and that six months made a HUGE difference for Dally.  She now knows all the characters and loved loved loved seeing them.  It was fun getting to experience the magic of Disney through her. 
It was pretty chilly, everyone had a sweatshirt or coat on... except Park.

Henry wasn't as impressed.

It wasn't very busy so we got to do a lot including seeing Santa. 

He got to sit in the front of the stroller like a big boy.

The parade was the absolute best part.  Dally's face was pure joy as each float went by.

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