Saturday, July 28, 2012

Josh Matyas' Baptism in NY

While on vacation at Owasco Lake Josh Matyas from Washington State got baptized.  So many family members were there to help him celebrate!  Nevada, PA, CA, TX, NJ, FL and the rest of us from NY State.
Some of the first cousins and their kids:  Cherie, Annie, Michael, Rob, Ashley holding Dallas, Cami holding Jude and Nicki holding her granddaughter, Zoey.
 Grandma Kathy holding Victoria, Meg holding baby Henry, Ashley & Dallas, Cami & Jude, Nicki  &Zoe with Parker and Ian in front.

 Cameron, Anne Marie and boys CJ and Colton from NV.

Grandma Betty Bennett in the middle of her family!  What a wonderful celebration!

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