Sunday, February 19, 2012


We have 4 birthdays in February.  Amy (in WA), Kathy, Devon and then Nicki.  The night I came back from  Dallas we had a family birthday party at Tom and Nicki's house.
 Marc gave Devon some Habanaro Peppers and Dev took a huge bite out of one.  His mouth burned for about 15 minutes, but the ice cream cake finally cooled him off.
Devon turned 13 on the 10th and is as tall as his mom!

 Tom's family came to celebrate with us.  It was fun to be with all of them, too.

 Tom and boys gave Nicki a beautiful bracelet you can add charms to.  She was really surprised and pleased!
                                                            Diane and Dan came, too.

Victoria really enjoyed the fruit and dips on the table that she could get to all by herself!

Thanks to everyone for all my presents.  I loved everything you sent and gave me plus dinner and dessert in Dallas with Cami, Mike and Jude before I came home.   I never imagined turning 56!  How time flies when you are having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love you all.

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