Monday, October 10, 2011

The Family has Arrived!

Grandpa Marc couldn't wait to get his hands on little Jude.....
 as was Grandma Gladys.......
 and Grandpa Randy......
 and Aunt Becky.  Jude didn't get put down for two days straight!  I'm sure he loved every minute of it!
 These cute boy cousins are Alex and David.
 Gladys brought some crafts to do with the kids.  Cousin Katie is making a necklace.
 It was so nice to have Marc in Dallas after being here for 2 1/2 weeks without him.  I didn't get to hold Jude all weekend, but I didn't mind.  I have been watching him grow and develop from a preemie who simply ate and slept to one who now would nuzzle his mom and make loud noises when hungry.  He stays awake for an hour at a time and looks around and follows voices.  Just like a two week old full term baby.  It is amazing!

 Cousin Whitney woke up from her nap and it didn't matter to her that Marc got her out of her crib.  So cute!
 We had lots to eat, lots to talk about and lots of fun just being together.
 Cami pumped so the family could feed Jude while they were here.  They were so glad Gladys and Randy flew down from Utah and Mike's brother Nate and Becky and kids drove 4 hours to get here from San Antonio!

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