Friday, April 29, 2011

Life at the Lake

This morning I awoke to this unusual scene across the lake.  Not as exciting as a water twister....but to have everything so black and see the sun shine beaming down on this small patch of land and that straight line on the water in front was beautiful!  It was like "beam me up Scotty"! The water is still rising down on the beach.  No grass left in sight on the right side of the inlet.  Looks like I'll have some filling in to do with dirt and shale when the water recedes.  The crane was standing there this morning.

Victoria is getting so big and is such a good baby.  Goes right to sleep when you put her in bed.  Only fusses when she is hungry or tired.  Smiles all the time!  Loves her toys and is grabbing her toes as of this week!  

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